"I really appreciate your amazing customer service that went above and beyond. Your quick response to all my questions, and the extra time that you put into taking additional photos/videos/measurements of the rings made this shopping experience a real pleasure.  I have always felt that jewelry holds a special energy, and I love when I am able to connect with the artist, and be involved in the creation process. Your talent and fun, creative, colorful energy shines through in these beautiful pieces of jewelry! Looking forward to adding more Mason Grace Jewelry to my collection soon!" - Kira

"I met Cybil of Mason Grace  several years ago at a pop up in NYC. Immediately I fell in love with her jewelry; the unique design and quality of each piece fit exactly what I was looking for in my jewelry. My favorite piece is a family diamond I had reset into one of Cybil's designs. I knew Cybil was the perfect one to trust working with this diamond and the final product is absolutely exquisite. She is an excellent communicator and her attention to even the tiniest detail is unmatched. Every interaction with Cybil is so wonderful, it's hard not to buy every stunning piece available. Her gorgeous work coupled with her impeccable service and kindness made me a client for life!" - Heather F.