Q. How do I determine my ring size?
A. The best way to ensure you are sized correctly is to go to your local jeweler. While you're at it, feel free to size all your fingers... we've done the same and have it written down in our notes section on our phone! Remember, if you're hot or if it's later in the day, your fingers may be a little swollen. We highly suggest getting sized professionally, however, if going to a jeweler is not possible for you, an alternative is to grab a piece of string, or cut a strip of paper and wrap it around your finger. You want it to be snug around your finger just as the ring would be, mark it and then measure.  

If you measure _____ then your ring size = _____:

1 13/16 inch = size 4

1 14/16 inch = size 4.5

1 15/16 inch = size 5

2 inch  =  size 5.5

2 1/16 inch = size 6

2 2/16 inch = size 6.5

2 3/16 inch = size 7

2 4/16 inch = size 7.5 

2 5/16 inch = size 8      

** Note if your knuckle is fairly larger you should measure the knuckle and find a size between that of your knuckle and base of your finger to ensure a more comfortable fit.

Please note the above is merely a suggestion and you are responsible for your own measurement.


Choosing the correct ring size is the responsibility of the customer as people differ in the way in which they prefer their rings to fit. If you order the incorrect size, we offer re-sizing for $30 plus shipping. You are responsible for shipping costs associated with any such alterations and must insure the package for the value of the returned item. Please reach out to us in an email (hello@shopmasongrace.com or use our Contact Us page) with your concerns before shipping any items to us. Upon approval we request the following in your shipment and we will do our best to return your repaired piece within 2-3 weeks:

  • the original packaging
  • your order confirmation
  • the jewelry piece that needs repairs
  • your return address & your contact information

Q. Do you source your gold & stones ethically?
A. Yes! We use recycled gold and ethically sourced conflict free stones.

Q: What if my ring size is above the size 8 you offer?
A: Bigger than a size 8? No problem! We are happy to make a ring that will fit you. An additional fee ranging from $20-$120 will be applied either before you order (contact us at hello@shopmasongrace.com or use our Contact Us page) or after you order we will send an additional invoice. Fee depends on the style of the ring.