Mason Grace Jewelry recommends that you regularly inspect and clean your jewelry.   


In order to ensure your piece maintains its appearance we highly suggest that you store your pieces individually in a cool, dry place when not being worn.

Please note ALL opal, pearl, and emerald pieces must be taken off when in any kind of water, to preserve the quality, as these are naturally a soft stone. For detailed opal care, please email us and we would be happy to forward you a care card.

Gold jewelry of any karat can be cleaned at home lightly using a soft cloth. For a more thorough cleaning, soak your gold jewelry in a glass of warm water with a drop or two of non-detergent soap (Ivory, Dr. Bronner's, etc) to help remove any oils and loosen buildup. Remove after a few minutes and pat dry with a soft cloth. To clean further, use a very soft, worn toothbrush to carefully remove any dirt particles or debris from more intricate components and settings. 

  • Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.
  • Believe it or not, regardless of price, jewelry that looks delicate is delicate.
  • In order to ensure your piece maintains its appearance, we highly recommend that you remove all Mason Grace pieces before showering and sleeping. Please do not wear your jewelry when exercising, gardening, washing dishes or performing hard labor.
  • Please wait to put your jewelry on after you apply perfumes, lotions and hairsprays.


If a piece shipped to you is defective or damaged and needs repair, you must contact us immediately with substantial photos and return the item within 3 days of receipt. If it was due to our mistake, we will send you a return label free of charge and make necessary repairs and return the item back to you as soon as possible. A one-year warranty is provided on all of our jewelry from the time of delivery. If any issues arise in the first year (with the exception of excessive wear and tear) we will repair your piece for free. 

Sometimes stones get loose or fall out, if you don’t have the stone, we can replace it depending on its size. Generally, if it is a small stone there won’t be a charge, however please email us and we can discuss any fees to help get your piece back in tip top shape. If you have the stone that fell out and it isn't damaged, we will be happy to reset it for free, just pay for the shipping back to our studio.

Please use this shipping checklist and we will do our best to return your repaired piece within 2-3 weeks:

  • the original packaging
  • your order confirmation
  • the jewelry piece that needs repairs
  • your return address & contact information

Please insure the package for the value of the returned item.
Please mail the piece in a padded envelope or box ONLY.
We are NOT responsible for jewelry lost in the mail due to improper shipping methods.

 **If an issue arises after your one-year warranty, we are happy to help with your repairs. Fees for this service vary according to the extent of the repair. If repairs/alterations are made by unapproved establishment/jeweler, the Warranty Policy will be null & void.