mason grace jewelry


Q. How do I determine my ring size?

A. If you are unfamiliar with your ring size the best thing to do is grab a piece of string, or cut a strip of paper and wrap it around your finger.  You want it to be snug around your finger just as the ring would be, mark it and then measure.  

If you measure... then your ring size is...

1 13/16 inch - size 4

1 15/16 inch - size 5

2 1/16 inch - size 6

2 1/8 inch - size 7

2 1/4 inch - size 8 

** Note if your knuckle is fairly larger you should measure the knuckle and find a size between that of your knuckle and base of your finger to ensure a more comfortable fit.

Please note the above is merely a suggestion and you are responsible for your own measurement.

Q: What is gold filled?

A: Gold Filled wears like 14k gold.  It is created with heat and pressure by fusing a layer of gold over copper, brass or some other metal.  

Q: How do I care for my mason grace jewelry piece?

A:  Wipe them with a soft cloth to keep them clear of any possible oxidizing elements. It is not recommended that you sleep, swim, shower or workout in your jewelry.